Container Deposit Scheme

Get cash in hand for empty cans and bottles at both of the Recycling Centres in our region!

What is a Container Deposit Scheme?

A Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) is where you can get cash in hand for empty cans and bottles. It refers to the collection of drink containers at your local Recycling Centre and in return, you will get a cash payment of 10 cents per can or bottle. The types of containers include Aluminium Cans, Plastic Bottles, Glass bottles or Flavoured Milk Cartons.

CDS helps to reduce litter from our streets and our communities and helps to reduce the amount of rubbish being disposed of to landfill. 

So start collecting your empty cans and bottles, take them to your closest recycling centre and collect your cash today!

Mataranka Recycling Centre

Address Lot 84 Mataranka

Opening hours Mon – Fri 9am – 11am

Borroloola Recycling Centre

Address Lot 779 Borroloola

Opening hours Tue & Wed 9 am – 11am


How should the cans and bottles be delivered?

To reduce your waiting times at the collection centre, make sure your containers are:

  • clean
  • not crushed
  • have no lids on them and
  • are sorted into material types

For more information on the regulated and approved containers that the Northern Territory CDS applies to, visit Regulated containers