Manyallaluk (Eva Valley)

Manyallaluk, also known as Eva Valley, is located north-east of Katherine in the Nyirranggulung Ward

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97 people reside in Manyallaluk with a medium age of 21 years old (Census 2021)


The people of Manyallaluk speak Alawa, Kriol, Maiyali and English


Manyallaluk Council Office

Phone: (08) 8975 4091

Manyallaluk, also known as Eva Valley, is located north-east of Katherine in the Nyirranggulung Ward and is approximately 35 kilometres from the Central Arnhem Highway.

Aerial view of Manyallaluk Community
Aerial view of Manyallaluk


From 1920 to 1960 the area around Maranboy was mined for tungsten, tin and copper. In 1940 a cattle station was established in Manyallaluk and employed local people to catch wild buffalo. Four (4) mud brick buildings from this era (consisting of a homestead, stable, meat house and admin office) have survived.


By road, driving from Katherine to Manyallaluk takes just over one (1) hour. Heading south, turn onto the Central Arnhem Highway (sign posted as Barunga/Beswick/Nhulunbuy) and drive to the Manyallaluk turn off. Travel for 37km on a dirt road to the Manyallaluk community. During the wet season the dirt road can be closed for a few days due to flooding. Manyallaluk may also be accessed via chartered small aircraft. 

Please be advised that Manyallaluk is a closed community; a Northern Land Council (NLC) permit is required to visit this community.


Local Authority 

An integral part of the community consultation process in Manyallaluk occurs through Manyallaluk Local Authority Meetings. The Local Authority is made up of the Elected Member/s who sit on Council for the Nyirranggulung Ward and are nominated representatives from the community. All stakeholders in Manyallaluk are invited to attend the Local Authority Meetings. The resolutions made at these meetings form the basis of all planning made by Roper Gulf Regional Council.

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This information is sourced from the Northern Territory Government and is available on BushTel.

Service Type Available Details
Regular Transport Service No


Fuel No Fuel is available at Katherine, Beswick and Mataranka
Commercial Accommodation No Accommodation is available at Katherine, Beswick and Mataranka
Community Store No


Airstrip Yes Eva Valley Aerodrome (unsealed)
Health Centre Yes

Primary Health Care delivered by Sunrise Health Services 

(08) 8975 4864

Alcohol No

Alcohol Protected Area and a General Restricted Area

Police Station No

Serviced by Maranboy Police Station (40km from the community)

(08) 8975 4500

School Yes

Manyallaluk School

(08) 8975 4500

Council Service Delivery Centre Yes  
Mobile Phone, Internet & Radio Yes There is currently one public telephone in Manyallaluk and the community receives 4G Telstra coverage
Post Office Yes Post Office located at Council Service Delivery Centre
Early Childcare Centre Yes Council operates a Crèche Centre at Lot 28
Aged Care Centre Yes Council operates an Aged Care Centre at Lot