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Roper Gulf Regional Council delivers a wide range of municipal services, community services and programs within one of the most spectacular and remote areas of the Northern Territory

Quick snapshot


Approximately 6,486 people reside in the Roper Gulf region (Census 2021)

75% of our population identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.


2 Crawford Street, Katherine NT 0850

PO Box 1321, Katherine NT 0851

Telephone: (08) 8972 9000

Our Council

The Council’s area spans 201,000 square kilometres – almost three (3) times the size of Tasmania – making Council’s operational footprint one of the largest in the Northern Territory. The regional boundary runs from the southern side of the Kakadu escarpment to the northern edge of the Barkly Tablelands, and from the western fringe of the Stuart Highway to the Gulf of Carpentaria and Queensland border. 

Wards of the Roper Gulf Region

The Council's Local Government Area is split into wards. There are five (5) wards that make up the Roper Gulf region:

  • Never Never Ward
  • Numbulwar-Numburindi Ward
  • Nyirranggulung Ward
  • South West Gulf Ward
  • Yugul Mangi Ward
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This vast area is rich in biodiversity and boasts areas of tropical savannah, dry grasslands and open forest, with iron-rich eroded sandstone, limestone escarpments and low mesas dominating the landscape. The Roper Gulf region is dissected by large, ancient river systems including the Roper, Rose, McArthur, Robinson and Limmen rivers, all of which are reflected in our Council’s logo. The combined annual flow of these rivers is 11,750 gigalitres, the equivalent of approximately 23 Sydney Harbours worth of water. The Katherine, Edith, Fergusson, East Alligator and King rivers also have their headwaters within the Roper Gulf region. 

More than 700 kilometres of coastline runs along the eastern edge of the Local Government Area, characterised by stunning beaches, mangrove swamps, river deltas, low coastal sea cliffs and islands.

Roper Gulf Regional Council logo

Our Logo

The logo was developed from a concept created by Lainie Joy of Borroloola. The five flowing figures have multiple meanings. They represent the five wards in our Roper Gulf region (Never Never, Numbulwar, Nyirranggulung, South West Gulf and Yugul Mangi), the five main rivers winding through our region (the Limmen, McArthur, Robinson, Roper and Rose Rivers), the low-lying hills that are visible on the horizon nearly everywhere in the Region and the Rainbow Serpent that underlies everything. The colours are based on the different colours of the soils and the peoples co-existing in the Roper Gulf region.