Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation, including in engagement with staff members, residents and external stakeholders

Council’s stated role, functions and objectives are prescribed at Part 2.3 of the Local Government Act 2019 (the Act) and can be summarised as the provision of an accountable, representative decision-making government body that represents the constituents of its region (local government area), and provides them with key services and amenities.

So as to effectively and fairly balance the representation of its constituents, Council’s region is divided into five administrative regions that are called wards that encompass townships, aboriginal communities, and outstations, as well as various regional and remote constituents. Council’s five wards are the Never Never Ward, Numbulwar Ward, Nyirranggulung Ward, South West Gulf Ward, and the Yugul Mangi Ward.

Council itself is comprised of thirteen democratically elected members (Councillors) from across its five wards who are elected for four year terms in local government general elections, in accordance with Chapter 8 of the Act and the Local Government (Electoral) Regulations 2021 that are overseen by the Northern Territory Electoral Commission (NTEC).

Council has a Principal Member (Mayor) and a Deputy Principal Member (Deputy Mayor) who are elected from within and by its elected members at its first Ordinary Meeting of Council. For the financial year 2022-23, Council’s Mayor and Deputy Mayor were Tony Jack, of the South West Gulf Ward, and  Judy MacFarlane of the Never Never Ward respectively. Elected Members are appointed and function within the legislative provisions of the Local Government Act 2019, including the Code of Conduct, which is prescribed at Schedule 1 of the Act.

To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation, the Council aims for open and transparent communication with the community, staff and stakeholders and encourage opportunities for the community to take part in planning and decision-making processes.

The elected members are accountable to the members of our region, who expect that the Council will apply good governance through its decision-making processes and systems. If residents and/or stakeholders wish to engage with the Council they are encouraged to attend a Local Authority meeting, which are held four times per year. Actions and requests of the Local Authorities are presented at Council meetings and if approved, are delegated to Council staff for implementation.

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