Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation, including in engagement with staff members, residents and external stakeholders

Roper Gulf Regional Council aims to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation through open and transparent communication with the community, staff and stakeholders. We encourage opportunities for the community to take part in our planning processes and decision making, especially when it directly affects them.

The information in this section will give readers an understanding of how Council operates, our decisions and our performance in the delivery of our strategies and plans. 

What's in this section

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Plans and Publications

View all of our corporate documents here, including our Annual Reports, Regional Plans and Strategic Plans. 

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Under the Local Government Act 2019  (the Act), Council is required to prepare and adopt an Annual Budget for each financial year

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All policies have been approved by Council and form the backbone of our operations, guiding us on how we make our decisions

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Access Information

Members of the public and organisations may lodge a formal access application for information held by Council, in accordance with the Information Act 2002