All policies have been approved by Council and form the backbone of our operations, guiding us on how we make our decisions

Governance Policies
Title Policy number
Computer, Telephones, Internet and Email Usage Policy ADM006
Media Policy ADM010
Social Media Policy ADM013
Risk Management Policy ADM023
Cultural Business Policy GOV004
Communication Policy GOV005
Vehicle Use Policy GOV009
Mandatory Reporting Policy GOV026
Records Management Policy GOV029
Shared Services Policy GOV030
Procurement Policy GOV031
Assets Policies
Title Policy number
Fleet Procurement and Allocation Policy ASS001
Asset Management Policy ASS002
Abandoned Vehicle Policy DIT004
Council Policies
Title Policy number
Elected Member and Employee Gift Policy CL003
Meetings Administration Policy CL005
Elected Member Administration Policy CL006
Caretaker Policy CL007
Council Vacancy Policy CL008
Register of Interest Policy CL010
Conflict of Interest (Elected Member) Policy CL011
Councillor and Staff Internal Communications Policy CL012
Members’ Code of Conduct SCH1-LGA2019
Corporate Services and Sustainability
Title Policy number
Policy Framework COR001
Rating Policy COR002
Workplace Health and Safety Policy COR003
Waste Collection Charges Policy COR004
Corporate Processes Policy COR005
Code of Conduct (Staff) COR006
Contract Policies
Title Policy number
Employee Accommodation Policy CTS001
Commercial Commitments Policy CTS002
Finance Policies
Title Policy number
Debt Collection Policy FIN002
Purchasing and Payments Policy FIN003
Accounting and Policy Manual FIN006
Fraud Protection Policy FIN007
Asset Disposal Policy FIN009
Borrowing Policy FIN010
Investment Policy FIN011
Revenue Growth and Financial Sustainability Policy FIN012
Petty Cash Policy FIN013
Use of External Auditors and Non-Audit Services Policy FIN015
Reserves Policy FIN016
Public Benefit Concessions Policy for Commercial Ratepayers FIN019
Accountable Forms Policy FIN020
Human Resources Policies
Title Policy number
Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Policy HR002
Employee Discipline Policy HR003
Recruitment and Selection Policy HR004
Working with Children Certificate Policy HR006
Offsite Workers Policy HR008
Volunteer Policy HR009
Visa Policy HR010
Leave Policy HR011
Employee Training and Development Policy HR014
Uniform Policy HR015
Higher Duties Policy HR016
Employee Leaving Gift Policy HR017
Criminal History Check Policy HR023
Special Measures Recruitment Policy HR024
Staff Criminal Offences Policy HR027
Redundancy Policy HR029
Performance Management Policy HR031
Relocation Assistance Policy HR035
Appointment of a Acting CEO Policy HR036
Local Authorities Policies
Title Policy number
Local Authority Policy LA001
Local Authority Meeting Administration Policy LA002
Office of Chief Executive Officer
Title Policy number
Organisational Delegations Manual (non-financial) OCEO001
Financial Delegations Manual OCEO002
Breach of Code of Conduct (Members) OCEO003
Work Safe Policies
Title Policy number
Smoke Free Policy WS002
Council Pool Policy WS004
Personal Protective Equipment Policy WS005
Firearm and Tranquiliser Policy WS006
Alcohol and other Drugs Policy WS007
Emergency Evacuation Policy WS008
Fatigue Management Policy WS009