Our Vision

The Vision of Roper Gulf Regional Council is to be Sustainable, Viable and Vibrant. 

Our Vision

Roper Gulf Regional Council's vision is to be Sustainable, Viable and Vibrant.

Our Mission

To work as a well-informed organisation to deliver services to all Roper Gulf Council residents which meet their needs and improve their quality of life.

Our Values

Honesty: all dealings and decisions are transparent, backed by integrity, and truth.

Equality: all people treated fairly, with dignity, without bias, based on facts.

Accountability: actions and decisions comply with policies, procedures, and legislative requirements.

Respect: understanding and acceptance of the feelings, rights and culture of all with whom we deal.

Trust: a focus on building mutually supportive, healthy relationships built and maintained over time.

Key Outcome Areas

Wellbeing: Contribute to the wellbeing of residents individually and communities as a whole; by fostering increased participation in community activities, education, healthy lifestyles, and a safe living environment.

Environment: Protect and care for the physical environment, including development and maintenance of clean and environmentally focused communities.

Infrastructure: Support building and maintaining community infrastructure which positively contributes to resident needs and aspirations.

Economic Development: Foster strengthening and growing jobs, industries, and investment attraction.

Governance: Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation, including in engagement with staff members, residents and external stakeholders.