Childcare Services

We provide a play-based environment with a various range of activities for the children to learn, explore and develop new skills

The Roper Gulf Regional Council Crèche Centres provide a play-based environment where we have a various range of activities for the children to learn, explore and develop new skills.

Crèche provides a program that supports each individual’s needs and allows children to come together to learn and grow during their early childhood years.

We provide a safe, nurturing and cultural environment where children are encouraged to experiment and explore to become confident and involved learners. We are actively collaborating with families as we value and embrace the community culture surrounding us. 

Our Childcare Centres

Our Vision

  • A quality Crèche Service, that meets the needs of children, families and community
  • Provide learning opportunities that are designed to enhance early childhood learning, based on the needs and interests of the children, including the cultural, physical, social, emotional, language and learning development needs
  • Provide a childcare service that supports and promotes each child’s individuality and increases their sense of belonging 
  • Provide an affordable service, which gives families within the community the opportunity for their children to attend childcare
  • Create an environment that acknowledges and strengthens the cultural identity of the children attending youth service and promotes an educational focus for children and families
  • Build the capacity of the service to achieve and maintain full utilisation
  • Support the community by providing career opportunities for the locals
  • To create an environment where children are safe, challenged, stimulated, creative, solve problems, use their imagination, develop positive relationships, simply have fun and engage within the world we live in   

Our Crèche Coordinators are qualified staff who have their Diploma of Early Childhood Education. We make sure that each Crèche has new learning resources to help increase the children’s learning development. 

For all enquiries or to register your child for Childcare, please call (08) 8972 9057 or visit your local Childcare Centre.