Sport and Recreation Master Plan wins Parks and Leisure Australia SA/NT Award

Sport and rec Master plan consultation

Roper Gulf Regional Council is proud to announce that its Sport and Recreation Master Plan, ‘Roper Gulf Active and Connected’, has been awarded the Strategic & Master Planning Award at the Parks and Leisure Australia SA/NT Awards of Excellence. 

The Strategic & Master Planning Award recognises outstanding examples of strategic planning that have enriched and revitalised communities. 

The 'Roper Gulf Active and Connected' Master Plan was recognised for its comprehensive approach and commitment to driving positive change within the Roper Gulf Region. 

The Master Plan, developed in collaboration with the Better Cities Group, is set to shape the future of sport and recreation programs and facilities across the Roper Gulf Region.

David Hurst, acting Chief Executive Officer, commented on the significance of the win: “The 'Roper Gulf Active and Connected' Master Plan is an important moment for our communities as it provides a comprehensive framework that will guide the development of sport and recreation facilities and services for the next decade.”

“This Master Plan is the result of extensive community consultation and strategic planning, ensuring that it is community-led and reflects the needs of our residents.”

“This award is a testament to the dedication and hard work of everyone involved in the development of the Master Plan and is a reflection of our commitment to providing high-quality sport and recreation opportunities that enhance the health, wellbeing, and quality of life for our residents.”

The Sport and Recreation Master Plan was made possible through funding provided by the Northern Territory Government’s Remote Sport Program and will be supported through the Active Regional and Remote Communities Program 2024-25.   

Better Cities Group (BCG) was engaged as the successful tenderer for the project, bringing with them extensive experience in developing strategic sporting and recreation infrastructure plans in the local government sector. 

The development of the Master Plan involved comprehensive community engagement, with BCG visiting each community within the region to conduct facility audits, gap analyses and community consultations.

During the consultation process, input was sought from a wide range of stakeholders, including community members, elected members, local Aboriginal corporations, Northern Territory Police and Emergency Services, peak sporting bodies, grant funding bodies, service providers and other levels of government. 

Dan Barr, director of Better Cities Group shared that “’Roper Gulf Active and Connected’ was made possible by the close partnership between Better Cities Group, Roper Gulf Regional Council and the Northern Territory Government’.

“The focus was on listening and learning, and while we had hundreds of conversations about sport and recreation we had just as many about social connection.”

“This strategy references traditional sports such as AFL and basketball but also recognises the importance of traditional activities, dance and music in keeping people active and healthy.”

“Active and Connected makes a point of highlighting the critical role that festivals play in community sports and that these should be strongly supported, not just for physical health reasons but to foster community connections.”

‘Roper Gulf Active and Connected’ Sport and Recreation Master Plan will now serve as the guiding framework for Council's investment and development of sport and recreation facilities and services over the next 10 years and is now a finalist in the National Parks and Leisure Awards of Excellence in October. 

For more information about the 'Roper Gulf Active and Connected' Sport and Recreation Master Plan see Roper Gulf Active & Connected




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