Remote communities get connected with free Wi-Fi

Community members using free WIFI

Image: Sonic and Antionette enjoy the free community Wi-Fi in Jilkminggan. 

The remote communities of Jilkminggan, Urapunga (Rittarangu) and Robinson River, as well as many others outside of the Roper Gulf region, are being set up with free community Wi-Fi as part of the Northern Territory Digital Connectivity Project. 

The Digital Connectivity Project (DCP) is delivering a connectivity trial in regional and remote Northern Territory regions to achieve greater digital connection with significant upgrades to phone and internet connectivity.

The project aligns and supports digital inclusion reforms, including the Closing the Gap initiative and the Indigenous Digital Inclusion Plan. 

The project identified 21 remote locations where mobile and internet services are non-existent or of substandard quality and is providing Wi-Fi and phone connectivity upgrades to overcome digital exclusion in these communities.  

Not only will this improve the ability for residents to use the internet, text and make phone calls, but it is also crucial for communication in the event of an emergency.

Jilkminggan WIFI


The free community Wi-Fi is now live in Robinson River and Jilkminggan! The Wi-Fi is accessible in a 25 metre radius from each of the following locations:

Robinson River: Mungoorbada Aboriginal Corporation Office 

Jilkminggan: Roper Gulf Regional Council Office 

For more information about the project, read the media release below:

Helping Northern Territory communities to stay connected | Department of Social Services Ministers (