Homeland (Outstation) Services

The Outstations (or Homelands) are rich in our region’s culture and provide significant value to Aboriginal life in our region and in the Northern Territory

For all Outstation enquires

Please contact the Outstations Coordinator on  (08) 8972 0409

An outstation is a small, remote satellite community of a larger Aboriginal community, comprised of Aboriginal people who have chosen to take up residence on that land due to its cultural and spiritual significance.

Within the Roper Gulf region, there are approximately 300 people living across the 11 outstations that the Council services, with the largest outstation population being approximately 60 people. Figures are approximate due to the transient nature of these locations and the seasonal variations that occur due to wet weather restricted access.

Outstations serviced within the Roper Gulf region are the following:

Serviced from Bulman and Katherine 

  • Barrapunta 
  • Baghetti 
  • Mount Catt 

Serviced from Katherine 

  • Jodetluk (Gorge Camp) 
  • Werenbun 

Serviced from Mataranka and Katherine 

  • Mulggan Camp 

Serviced from Ngukurr and Katherine 

  • Badawarrka 
  • Costello 
  • Kewulyi 
  • Mole Hill 
  • Nulawan

In partnership with the Northern Territory Government's Department of Territory Families, Housing and Communities, the Council provides basic core services such as road maintenance, waste disposal, landscaping, fire breaks, animal control programs and other municipal activities, to Outstations and Homelands.