Current Projects

Explore current projects and initiatives happening in the Roper Gulf region

  • Jose Street Upgrade

    Design has commenced to upgrade the surface, drainage, and guttering of Jose Street in Borroloola.
  • Park Irrigation Upgrade

    An upgrade to the irrigation system at Stan Martin Park in Mataranka is being prepared. Anticipated completion is October 2023.
  • Dump Road Fencing

    Works will soon be underway to install fencing along the dump road in Bulman.
  • Dump Road Upgrade

    Works will soon commence to upgrade the dump road in Bulman by forming an unsealed road from the end of the existing sealed road to the dump site.
  • Airport Ablution Block

    An ablution block will be installed at Barunga Airport, with thanks to funding provided by Barunga Local Authority.
  • Cemetery Arch

    An arch is scheduled to be constructed at Barunga Cemetery, with thanks to funding provided by the Barunga Local Authority.
  • Creche Playground Shade Structure and Softfall

    The supply and installation of a shade structure and softfall at Jilkminggan Creche playground is underway, with thanks to funding provided by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment. Anticipated completion is June 2023.
  • Multi-Purpose Sports and Recreation Court Upgrades

    Upgrades to the Borroloola Multi-Purpose Sports and Recreation Courts have commenced, with works to include foundation widening and resurfacing, construction of a shade structure, installation of lighting, and linemarking for multiple sports. Anticipated completion date is September 2023.
  • Water Connection at Norforce Park

    Roper Gulf Regional Council are coordinating the installation of a water connection at Norforce Park, Barunga. Anticipated completion date is June 2023.
  • Airport Ablution Block

    Plans for the installation of a public ablution block at the airport in Numbulwar are currently being developed. Anticipated completion date is September 2023.
  • Waste Management Strategy 2022-2032

    The development of a 10-year Waste Management Strategy is underway, which is expected to provide clear strategic and operational guidance for the provision of services and investment in regional waste management facilities. Anticipated completion is October 2023.
  • Clinic Road Upgrade

    Upgrades to Clinic Road in Numbulwar are being designed, with works to include improvements to drainage, pavement, and grading. Anticipated commencement of works is mid 2023.
  • Ablution Block

    Works will soon commence to install an ablution block on the Central Arnhem Highway in Bulman, with thanks to partial funding provided by Bulman Local Authority. Anticipated completion is September 2023.
  • Cyclone Shelter

    Construction of the cyclone shelter in Borroloola is managed by the NT Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics.
  • Upgrade to Internal Roads

    Works are underway to reseal and upgrade the drainage of all local roads in Bulman. Anticipated completion is April 2023.
  • Aged Care/ Respite Centre

    Refurbishment of the Mataranka Aged Care/ Respite Centre is underway, including the fitting of a new purpose-built kitchen. Anticipated completion is July 2023.