Council Announces Leadership Transition

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Roper Gulf Regional Council is proud of the progress and accomplishments achieved over the past 12 months.

Council, led by 13 elected local Aboriginal Councillors, is focused on making decisions that benefit the constituents of its communities and that drive positive change across the region. 

As Council looks to the future, a unanimous decision has been made by elected members to search for a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to guide Council into the next financial year. 

Therefore, Council announces the decision that Marc Gardner is no longer its Chief Executive Officer.

Marc has been a long-term employee of Council holding various senior roles before commencing as its Chief Executive Officer in May 2022.

Council unanimously resolved, at its Special Meeting on 14 May 2024 to immediately commence the recruitment process for its Chief Executive Officer who will lead it into the next Financial Year and its next Term in 2025.

Mayor Tony Jack expressed his enthusiasm for the future, stating:

“The Council’s decisions are deeply rooted in the needs of our communities, guided by the leadership of our 13 elected members.” 

“It had become clear that we needed to look at the leadership structure, to ensure that it is fit for the future of this Council.” 

“Council expresses its gratitude to Marc and his many years of service and wishes him well for his future endeavours.” 

During the transition period, David Hurst will serve as Acting CEO.



Media Contact:

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