Become a Youth Empowerment Mentor for your Community

Youth Empowerment Mentors

Roper Gulf Regional Council is currently looking for young people to become our new Youth Empowerment Mentors in Mataranka, Jilkminggan and Numbulwar. 

These positions have been created through innovative approaches through the 'Trialling Pathways to Real Jobs' - Councils Job Shadow Trial for the Community Development Program.

You can read more about the trial program here. 

These are new Council positions that have been created to provide guidance, advice and support particularly to the at-risk youths who are currently demonstrating unhealthy and antisocial behaviours.

The Youth Empowerment Mentor will provide Council's youth constituents with opportunities to learn skills and gain experiences that contribute to more positive means. This in turn will enhance their capacity to make healthier, proactive and beneficial life changes for their wellbeing and community.  

This is a paid position designed for job seekers between the ages of 16 to 24 years old, who have a passion for helping young people in the community to be empowered. 

How to Apply

To apply for this position, you need to complete the Expression of Interest (EoI) form and New Employee Pack at your local Council Office. 

  • If you're applying for the Mataranka or Jilkminggan positions - see Karyn or Tracey at the Mataranka Council Office. 
  • If you're applying for the Numbulwar positions - see Aimee or Lexii at the Numbulwar Council Office. 

Please bring along some ID to help complete your application. 


Youth Empowerment is a process where children and young adults are encouraged to take charge of their lives. Young people must have the opportunity to lead change within their own communities. Council understands this in theory, and now it is time to take action.

Council currently delivers three prolific programs that are entwined with youth betterment and wellbeing; Sport and Recreation, Youth Reconnect and Community Development Program (CDP). It is paramount that we start employing Youth Mentors, who are relatable, influential and speak the ‘language’. Council wants to give the youth of our community’s choices:

  • The choice to empower,
  • the choice to resolve past and current issues and traumas,
  • and the choice to develop coping and effective strategies for their future.

We also aim to acknowledge our community youth's strengths, talents and gifts all while encouraging them to utilise their ‘energy’ in a constructive and productive manner for the betterment of their community and/or township.

Council believes that we can all learn so much from our young constituents who are next in line to own the responsibility of ensuring that their world and policies reflect their needs.

This is Councils opportunity to encourage our next generation to build confidence, to confront difficulties and to experience their culture, while tapping into the funding and resources available for this demographic. These are skills and experiences that our First Nations young people can carry with them day to day – and for life.